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You can use this survey to request membership in WAPA, or update your membership information.   WAPA is open to anyone with an interest in Aviation.  You don't have to be a pilot to join WAPA, and there is no commitment implied by submitting this information.  Membership begins when dues are paid.

None of the personal information you provide will be shared by any other organization.

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There are 13 questions in this survey.

Membership Information

Please tell us about you and your interests.
Which group(s) do you belong to?
Student Pilot
Private Pilot
Mechanic or other aviation services
Prospective Pilot
Aviation Interest
Primary / Secondary / Graduate Student
 Please select whichever items best describe you.
Do you intend to join WAPA?
No, not at this time, but please sign me up for news and announcements
Maybe - I'm thinking about it
Yes - my membership dues will be sent soon
No answer
Please enter your complete address including City, State and Zipcode
E-Mail Address
Note that the majority of WAPA communications is all done by e-mail and the web.  If you do not have e-mail or web access available, check the below box. WAPA will send major notices via US-Mail.  Phone number is required to confirm attendance at events, and other last-minute communications.

Please communicate with me by US-Mail when possible
Please call me with reminders about WAPA meetings and events
Please provide one or more phone numbers. 
 WAPA will use your phone number for short notice on meeting or fly-out cancellations.   If you would prefer not to be called please don't provide a number.

Participation in WAPA Activities

Please select any e-mail lists.  You will automatically be subscribed to the WAPA-Announce and Members e-mail list.   These are very low volume lists used for general WAPA announcements, and member news.
ORH Announce List
UNICOM - Member to Member discussions
Please choose any activities you would find interesting to participate.  You can comment on any of the activities in the provided entry box.
Social activities - non-flying
Fly-outs and other flying activies
Safety Seminars
Community outreach and events for the public
What certificates and ratings do you hold
Student Pilot
Light Sport
Private Pilot
Instrument Rating
Flight Instructor
Instrument Instructor
Do you have an aircraft available for use in WAPA events?  If so, please tell us about it.
Owner / Partner
Flying club / group
No answer
If you have access to a plane, weight permitting, how many passengers would you be willing to take along on WAPA events or fly-outs?
None available or no plane
Four or more

General Comments

If you have any comments or feedback for WAPA, please let us know.
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